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Sage Park is driven by the knowledge that success in today’s diverse world requires the ability to implement versatile approaches to address the unique needs of individual clients. At Sage Park, we collaborate with clients to create the ideal strategic approach to specific issues they face. It is a rare ability to accommodate all types of needs, and quickly adapt when necessary, that defines the Sage Park philosophy.


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About Us

Sage Park is an acquisition group focused on operational strategy and is renowned both for turning around distressed businesses and improving profitable businesses to deliver additional value for our diverse group of clients. By investing tremendous time and energy to facilitating operational improvements, business strategies, direction, and growth, Sage Park’s versatile approach to management creates value for clients and companies.

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Sage Park has a highly regarded history of improving business profitability and cash position. We dive deep into the details and work closely with management to provide direction and strategy to help improve clients’ processes and grow their business. Using excellent communications skills, we create a seamless, transparent working environment. In the event that a new Management team is required, Sage Park’s 20 years of experience and abundant resources allow us to rapidly backfill or replace a team as needed. We have a very successful business carve-out background that enables us to stand up a business in a short period of time. The operational expertise of Sage Park and our versatility across industries and corporate issues provides value creation for clients with a diverse range of needs.

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  • Health Care

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Success Stories

Rob Joubran, who leads Sage Park, brings two decades of experience in private equity to his clients. Rob was a Founding Partner of Platinum Equity, one of the world’s most successful and fastest-growing private equity firms, and was instrumental in developing that firm from its beginnings to an international powerhouse with more than $20 billion in revenue.

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  • Wheel and Tire Manufacturing and Distributor

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  • Hardware Technology and Service Company

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“Rob’s strategy development and follow-through is clear and concise. He has an unnerving ability to identify opportunities in underperforming businesses or growth in well performing businesses, and exhibits excellent leadership qualities, energy, and strength.”

Eric Tiffin
Wheel Pros, LLC

“Rob is a man of impeccable integrity and possesses astute business acumen while always sensitive to the most important asset in any company, human capital. Rob and his team refocused the company by eliminating non-core business units and by carefully defining and streamlining processes. Rob not only made suggestions for changes, but was able to explain his reasons for the changes thereby enthusiastically getting the entire organization on board.”

Dave Schembri
CEO, Active Aero Group

"Rob brings a hands on, details oriented approach to operational excellence. His breadth of experience drove significant value creation at both USRobotics and Ulticom."

Bruce Swail
Former CEO of USRobotics and Ulticom

“As our operating committee director, Rob provided leadership, business strategy, and the navigation required to steer our portfolio company to immediate profitability and long term stability. His support of management strategies allowed the company to meet its strategic objectives.”

Jerry Walsh
CFO Ulticom, Inc.