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Based in Los Angeles, Sage Park is an acquisition group focused on operational strategy and is renowned for the value creation we deliver for our clients. We invest tremendous time and energy to facilitate operational improvements, business strategies, direction, and growth. By aligning acquisition expertise with operational proficiency, we are able to create additional value through acquisitions of corporate and private divestitures.

Sage Park is driven to offer versatile solutions to match our clients’ specific business environments and needs. We collaborate with clients to create the ideal strategic approach to resolve the issues they face. We do so with open, honest dialogue and, although we stand behind our financial skills and talents, we always listen to and incorporate every insight our clients have to offer. We focus on accommodating all types of needs and quickly adapting when necessary. The result: efficient solutions are created and performance is significantly enhanced. That is how we define maximum value delivery.

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Sage Park
11766 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 840
Los Angeles, CA 90025 - 6538
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Sage Park operates in six diverse markets, including: technology services, hardware/software, business services, distribution/logistics, manufacturing, and health care services.

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    / Software
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    / Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care