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A history of success

Wheel and Tire Manufacturing and Distributor

The Challenge

Rob Joubran was tasked with assisting a business that was struggling on all fronts, in which there was an absence of strategy and money was being lost. Due to that strategic void, excess inventory, ineffective manufacturing, and inefficient production and distribution approaches were all issues. In addition, there were underlying employee and cultural issues that inevitably led to a lack of customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Rob assumed the role of CEO and immediately assembled a transition team to execute a range of critical initiatives, which included restructuring and business reorganization. Activities included a reduction of SKUs and right-sizing the distribution channel to improve product distribution and customer satisfaction. In addition, Lean Manufacturing was implemented to improve product quality and manufacturing efficiency. To improve customer relationships and stability, top executives met with customers regularly to discuss future plans and re-establish trust.

The Result

Within a year, the company experienced a significant turnaround that resulted in Positive EBITDA and cash flow. Manufacturing plants in the US were transitioned to China, while other plants were divested. We then acquired, integrated, and transitioned a competitive company into the business, which resulted in additional company growth, increased revenue and EBITDA, and drastically improved customer sales and satisfaction.

“Rob’s strategy development and follow-through is clear and concise. He has an unnerving ability to identify opportunities in underperforming businesses or growth in well performing businesses, and exhibits excellent leadership qualities, energy, and strength.”

Eric Tiffin
Wheel Pros, LLC