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A history of success

Hardware Technology and Service Company

The Challenge

Rob Joubran was put in charge of working with a company that was in great need of a sound corporate strategy. The company was having vendor relationship issues compounded by a downturn in the technology sector. With cash concerns and declining EBITDA, a new management team and strong creative direction was paramount to turning around the situation.

The Solution

Led by Rob, a new management team comprised of a CEO, CFO, COO, and CIO was implemented. Following this task, a new business strategy was created to transition the company from a hardware provider to a full-service integration provider. This initiative required the restructuring of company activities to right-size the business.

The Result

The new company management put in place by Rob and his team was successful in its efforts to lead strategy and craft a healthier culture. The strategic platform entailed the creation of increased vendor purchasing availability, a reduction in headcount, and improved employee efficiency and effectiveness. The acquisition and integration of a large competitor helped reposition the business to one of the largest Systems Integrators in the US. The move successfully improved EBITDA and cash flow, and the team divested the entire business for a very successful multiple.

“The relationship was founded on trust, strong communication and everyone pulling in one direction to accomplish a common goal. Rob emerged himself into understanding the basics of our business and he worked closely with me and our executive team to implement changes that improved the operations and the cost model. I have personally worked with a number of Private Equity firms and Partners over the years and Rob was one of the best.”

Jim Dixon
CEO of CompuCom Systems