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A history of success

Global Logistics Supply Chain Provider

The Challenge

Rob Joubran was leading an effort to help a team with an unfocused business strategy and lack of company direction. The existing management team needed to be replaced in order to address critical facility issues, employee and cultural problems, and the decline of customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Rob and his team focused on the hiring of a new core team – CEO, CFO and COO – which in turn led to the elimination of non-core business and the expansion of new strategic business opportunities. Rob and the new management team executed a plan to restructure the company and improved cultural issues. In addition, a major facilities crisis was solved by implementing temporary solutions for business continuance.

The Result

These imperative actions resulted in revenue and EBITDA growth year over year. Due to expanded revenue opportunities, the previously single-focus revenue stream was eliminated. The increased focus on their core business significantly improved customer satisfaction, and the divestiture of the entire business resulted in a very successful multiple.

“Rob is a man of impeccable integrity and possesses astute business acumen while always sensitive to the most important asset in any company, human capital. Rob and his team refocused the company by eliminating non-core business units and by carefully defining and streamlining processes. Rob not only made suggestions for changes, but was able to explain his reasons for the changes thereby enthusiastically getting the entire organization on board.”

Dave Schembri
CEO, Active Aero Group