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A history of success

Image Sensor Sales and Manufacturing

The Challenge

The task Rob Joubran was assigned entailed a Corporate Divestiture from a Fortune 500 Company that maintained no core strategy. A viable business needed to be carved out of the publicly traded corporation, and this demanded a new infrastructure, new financial systems, and the infusion of a management team. Additionally, Rob led a marketing initiative to craft a new brand image.

The Solution

The team led by Rob created a strategic roadmap that comprised the implementation of a new infrastructure and SAP system, improved sales focus, cost measures, and the development of distinct brand positioning. The management team created an exciting culture and delivered new strategies for continued growth.

The Result

The results that were achieved exceeded all expectations. Due to an expanded focus on the core business, manufacturing costs were reduced and efficiencies were gained, and new revenue opportunities were generated. The result was newly enhanced customer satisfaction and EBITDA growth year after year. The entire business was divested after 2 years, creating a highly successful multiple.

“The company thrived under Rob’s leadership. He was tough, fair, set clear expectations for the business and gave me the freedom to run it within those guidelines. I would welcome the opportunity to work again with him without hesitation.”

Chris McNiffe
CEO of Truesense